Big Bear, Ca, November 1, 2011, 3:00pm – Southern California has a new insect that is praying on trees; particularly on Oak trees.  The Goldpotted Oak Borer is an insect that is less than one-half inch long, has six golden yellow spots on its green wings and loves to feed on mature oak trees.  So far it has only been found in San Diego County and seems to be isolated in the California Black Oak and Canyon Live Oak varieties.  The Big Bear Valley has a very small oak population, so there isn’t a large threat to this area, however the Yucaipa and Live Oak areas are in danger.  According to San Bernardino County Supervisor Neil Derry’s office, the Oak Borer loves live trees, and there currently is no way of controlling them or protecting the trees with chemicals or insecticides.  The county is primarily concerned with campers, vacationers and second property owners transporting infected firewood into our mountains.  The county is asking that you do the following:

1.       Educate and inform your friends and neighbors about GSOB

2.       Never transport any oak firewood from San Diego County

3.       Purchase firewood locally

4.       Select wood that has been seasoned and debarked

Communication and education are the best tools in our toolbox and we need everyone to help.  Those who would like to learn more about the GSOB are encouraged to visit