Though funding for Paradise Park is on hold, committees from the Big Bear City Community Services District and the Big Bear Valley Recreation and Park District met this week to discuss their joint project, which is being developed on CSD property with funds available through the park district. According to Lorie Judd, Assistant Regional Manager for Rec and Park, it was a positive, upbeat meeting on Tuesday afternoon, and the two districts are moving forward with plans for the park. This, despite the fact that the anticipated $1 million in state grant funding is on hold. Additional funds for the development of Paradise Park will come from the sale of the former Big Bear City Park, which the County could potentially sell to the Big Bear Airport District. In the interim, Judd says of park funding, “It’s wait and see right now.” In other news from the February 17 Big Bear Valley Recreation and Park District meetings, snow removal at the Moonridge Animal Park has been a big project for zoo and district staff this week, to ensure that snow levels are below the animals’ fence line. Also, as noted earlier, a crew from the Animal Planet network’s “Untamed & Uncut” spent two days filming at the zoo, though no television airdate has yet been named.