Angeles Oakes, CA, April 26, 2013 –  As of 9:42am this morning, a tanker rollover with a fuel spill was reported on Highway 38.  At this time, Highway 38 remains closed in both directions.  Travelers will need to take an alternate route of Highway 18 to/from Lucerne Valley or Highway 18/330 to/from Highland.  Information obtained at this time states that a HazMat response team has been called to the scene as well as the Big Bear Fire Department.  The duel trailer tanker, holding several thousand gallons of gasoline and diesel, has spilled onto the roadway on Highway 38 between Seven Oaks and Angles Oaks.  It is confirmed that at least 1700 gallons of gasoline and diesel has spilled.  An additional 4000 gallons of fuel in a separate tank is leaking slowly.  Also, we have been told that  the gas leaked into a creek prompting notification of Fish and Game.  This accident is now being referred to as the Cold Creek Incident (originally the “Gas Incident”).  Due to the HazMat nature of this incident a lengthy clean-up is expected and so Hwy 38 will be closed for an indefinite period of time according to Chief Jeff Willis of Big Bear Fire .