Forest Service crews remain on scene, though the fire has been contained.

Seven Oaks, CA/San Bernardino National Forest — Earlier this afternoon (Friday, June 18), there was a small fire on the San Bernardino National Forest, though it has since been contained by firefighting crews with the U.S. Forest Service. The fire was located about half a mile below Highway 38, and was held to under half an acre in the vicinity of Glass Road (which is situated between Seven Oaks and Jenks Lake). Crews responded to the fire at about 1pm, and had it contained within an hour’s time. The cause of this small fire is under investigation, though John Miller with the U.S. Forest Service tells KBHR that it appears unlikely that it was arson. Though the fire was contained at roughly 2pm and, again, held to under half an acre, the Big Bear Hot Shots crew from the Forest Service, as well as three engine crews, remain on scene to monitor the situation.
Update: As the fire had been in an area of heavy duff, as well as many downed trees and logs, crews will continue to monitor for the next four days or more, per the Forest Service.

Immediate and decisive actions by the U.S. Forest Service crews kept the fire to under half an acre, and within an hour's time. (Photos courtesy USFS)