Those who work in the food service industry are required by San Bernardino County’s Department of Public Health to have a valid and unexpired Food Worker Certification Card and this applies not just to cooks and servers, but bartenders, hosts and busboys as well. Certification tests, which must be passed to get the card, are offered in Big Bear Lake on the fourth Wednesday of each month, and the next testing opportunity will be offered this week, on March 25. Prior to taking the test, food workers will need to watch a DVD, which is available for viewing online if not offered by employer. Those attending the certification test, offered at the Park District offices at 41220 Park Avenue between 1 and 4pm this Wednesday, will need to bring valid photo ID, a pencil and $20 cash, to cover cost of test and Food Worker Certification Card. Retesting will be allowed for those who do not pass the first time and, once passed, San Bernardino County Food Worker Certification Cards are valid for three years.