Big Bear, CA, June 6, 2014 – Since November 1, 2013, many areas in California have received less than half their normal precipitation, resulting in very dry brush. As of Memorial Day weekend, there have been more than 1,700 wildfires in California since the start of the year, which have burned more than 15,000 acres. Compared to the five year average, that is nearly double the amount of California fires and is more than double the amount of acres burned.

Very little rainfall typically occurs this time of the year, so conditions are not likely to improve anytime soon. Dispose of cigarettes correctly and not out of the window of your car. Use only propane or natural gas grills for outdoor barbecues and never leave them unattended. Make sure your gas powered landscaping tools are equipped with a spark arrestor. One recent fire was started by a trailer tow chain dragging on the road and causing sparks.  It doesn’t take much to start a fire, so exercise extreme caution and use common sense.