earthquake-thumb1The Big Bear Valley was rockin’ last night, given four earthquakes between 8:44pm and 3:14am. The first of these, at 8:44pm (on July 6), was recorded as a 2.6 magnitude quake by the U.S. Geological Survey, and was centered seven miles northeast of Big Bear City. A minute later, at 8:45pm, there was a second tremor, also seven miles northeast of Big Bear City, which registered a 1.5 magnitude. At 10:27pm, a third quake, also centered seven miles northeast of Big Bear City, registered a 1.3 magnitude and, like the other two, was at a depth of about two miles. The fourth quake, at 3:14am, was centered 15 miles east northeast of Big Bear City and was of a magnitude of 1.5; this fourth quake reached a substantial depth of just under 20 miles, per the earthquake report issued by USGS.

Update: On Wednesday, July 8, we had another two, small earthquakes. At 10:03am, a 1.3 magnitude quake was centered six miles north of Big Bear Lake; at 10:45am, a 1.6 magnitude tremor was recorded six miles north northwest of Big Bear Lake.