Big Bear, Ca, September 27, 2010, 3:00pm – Fall is nearly here and so is the large accumulation of leaves and pine needles.  The Big Bear City Fire Department reminds you that it’s best to clear your roof and gutters now before the snow renders them inaccessible.  Big Bear Disposal will pick up a limited number of bagged leaves and/or pine needles each week when left at the curbside on normal trash pickup days.  Everyone should be aware that a roof is the most vulnerable surface for embers to start a fire.  The fire department also advises that now is a great time to check your fireplace, and other hot spots in the home.  Your chimney should be cleaned regularly, because creosote build-up from burning wood can ignite your roof, chimney, and the whole house! Take action now to avoid an unwanted visit from the Fire Department.