Big Bear, Ca, September 29, 2011, 3:00pm – With the fall season in the air, the City of Big Bear Lake would like to remind you to prepare your homes for the winter months.  Residents of the City of Big Bear Lake can purchase snow poles at the city offices.  Snow Poles are beneficial to home owners and renters to mark where their drive way is for berm reduction after the plows come through your street.   Second homeowners who live throughout the valley should start to think about winterizing their homes.  Homes that are not occupied constantly throughout the winter months should have their water shut off and drained from the house to reduce the chance of pipes bursting.  The Big Bear Community Services District provides a full list of ways to winterize your home.  All residents should also winterize their sprinkler systems in the winter months.  For more information on winterizing your home, or how to get snow poles visit or