bbcfire-thumbThe paramedics of the Big Bear City Fire Department responded to a unique call today. At about 2:30pm, the Bear City Fire Department received a 911 call regarding an exotic lizard bite on Highway 38, west of Onyx Summit. Upon arrival to the scene, a man who had been traveling toward Big Bear on Highway 38 was found with a Mexican Beaded Lizard bite to his hand. The exotic lizard is a family pet, and was traveling in a plastic container in the car. The owner reached in to steady an item, and that is when the lizard, also known as a Gila Monster, latched onto his hand. The man, whose identity and place of residence have not been released, was transported via ambulance to the Bear Valley Community Hospital. From there, he was transported from the emergency room via airship to Loma Linda University Medical Center, though was reported to be in stable condition when he left our local hospital. As for the lizard, he is being cared for by an undisclosed party.