Big Bear Lake, CA, January 27, 2014 – With emergency medical helicopters costing a small fortune, some independent agencies are offering alternatives. Reach Air (AirMedCare Network) and Mercy Air (Omni Advantage) offer subscription services for off-mountain air transportation that start at $10/month. Representatives from the companies will be at Bear Valley Community Hospital February 3 – 4 from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm (breaking for lunch 11:30-12:30), to answer the public’s questions and help them sign up.

Membership with either service also entitles you to coverage when you travel across the United States, at specified locations.

You must sign up under the Bear Valley Community Hospital group in order to get these prices, but it is not necessary to sign up in person. Community members can sign up online for Mercy Air or Reach Air, any time after February 3.

Reach Air charges three fees for their services: a single participant is $40.00, a couple is $45.00 and 3 or more in a household is $50.00. Reach Air covers everyone in the household–related or not, insured or not.

Mercy Air charges a flat fee of $39.00 for families with health insurance. Those who have Medicare part B and Medicare supplement qualify for a supporting membership at a cost of $10.00 with Mercy Air. Applicants with military insurance (active/in-active) also qualify for a supporting membership.