Big Bear, Ca, October 4, 2010, 12:00pm – Today KBHR Received a call from Richard Miller of First Mountain Bank, that someone is sending out a scam email posing as First Mountain Bank, stating that your account has been hacked into, and that you need to verify your information to get back into your account.  Delete this email immediately, and do not download any forms or give any information over the email.  The email will link you to a web page that has been designed to look just like First Mountain Banks webpage, and it will ask for your card information, including your pin number.  Once again, do not enter any of your information, as this is a scam.  The email was only sent out an this morning, however if you did submit your information contact the bank immediately at 866-5861.  Banks will never ask for your pin number over the phone or over the Internet, consider this a red flag in the future.  Once again contact First Mountain Bank at 866-5861 if you entered your information.