Big Bear, Ca, November 2, 2010, 8:00am – Today is Election Day and the registrar of voters has these tips to help make your voting experience simple and stress free.  Be prepared- before you visit the polls make sure you have read your sample ballot and voter guides and have marked your choices for each contest.  Being prepared will expedite the voting process and help everyone avoid delays when visiting their polling place.  Beware of over voting. Each contest lists the number of acceptable votes at the top of the list.  Be sure to check this number before making your choices.  If you mark less, the votes will still be counted, but if you mark more, non of your votes for that contest will count.  To ensure your vote counts, do not vote for more than allowed.  On measures, make sure you check either yes or no.  If you mark both your vote will not count.  If you make a mistake, do not correct an error on your ballot.  Simply take your ballot to a poll worker and request a replacement ballot.  They can provide you a new ballot- up to three.  Once you cast your ballot, you cannot receive another ballot.  If you have questions about voting, or about your polling location, contact the registrar of voters at (909) 387-8300, or (800) 881-8683.