barnstorm-thumbThe Barnstorm Restaurant at the Big Bear City Airport will tomorrow introduce “Set Your Own Price Wednesday.” Given tough times, owner Renate Wagner says, “For people who never get a chance to eat in a restaurant, this will be an opportunity for them to do so.” For the set-your-own-price special, customers will be able to choose breakfast or lunch items from a select menu and, then, pay a price they feel is appropriate. As Wagner explains to KBHR, “We’re hoping people will just pay an honest price, and truly pay what the food is worth. And, for those who can’t afford it, we are hoping that others might pay a little more to cover their bill. We’re doing this to help people out during the economic crisis, so please come visit us during set-your-own-price Wednesdays.” The Barnstorm Restaurant is, on Wednesdays, open from 7am to 3pm.