earthquake-thumb1We have had five earthquakes centered in our area this week, the first of which was a 2.2 magnitude tremor on Sunday morning at 10:13am, just four miles northwest of Big Bear Lake and registering a depth of nearly six miles.  The 2.2 magnitude quake was followed at 10:25am on the 9th by a 1.3 magnitude quake centered six miles east southeast of Big Bear City. On Monday morning, we had two more quakes; the first, at 7:55am, was a 1.7 magnitude and seven miles northeast of Big Bear City, the second was a 1.9 magnitude at 12:41pm and six miles northwest of Big Bear City. And, just one quake yesterday (Tuesday): a 1.2 magnitude tremor, as recorded by the U.S. Geological Survey, and three miles north of Big Bear City. For information on earthquake preparedness, you can visit the Office of Emergency Services website of the San Bernardino County Fire Department.

Update: We’ve since had another quake; this one today (August 12) at 9:19am and registering a 1.3 magnitude. This quake was centered six miles east southeast of Big Bear City and went to a depth of six miles.