DOVESflower-thumbThe employees and volunteers of DOVES, which provides domestic violence education and services for families in the mountains, are asking for the community’s help in providing “Undies for Christmas” for the women and children in the DOVES Outreach and shelter program. While most holiday giving consists of toys and gifts, underwear for women, girls and boys of all ages is needed. Items being accepted on behalf of those in need include new panties, bras, slippers, socks and pajamas in a variety of sizes, as the DOVES folks note that families fleeing from violence come in all shapes and sizes. Donations of new “Undies for Christmas” can be delivered to the DOVES Outreach Center, located in Summit Plaza at 41943 Big Bear Boulevard in Big Bear Lake, or to either branch of First Mountain Bank, Curves and Lutheran Social Services. For more information on the Undies for Christmas program, call the DOVES Outreach Center at 866-1546, or visit their website at And, should you be a woman or man in need of help, DOVES offers a 24-hour crisis hotline, available at 800/851-7601.