Big Bear Valley, CA, December 24, 2012 – The holidays can be busy and stressful. Why complicate it with a Christmas puppy that needs excessive time and attention? During the holiday season there are parties to attend, shopping to finish, and many more things to do. A new puppy may get into all kinds of trouble around the Christmas tree. And the last thing you need is a sick puppy during the holidays. Why not wait until right after the holidays before you get the puppy. You can take more time to think about what type of pup will fit best in your household. Do you want a large dog or a small dog, an energetic dog or one that can be more of a lap dog? Think about rescuing a young dog or puppy from a local shelter or humane society. Use your time now to gather the supplies you’ll need to set up your home, explore training options and get ready! Remember, a puppy is a wonderful addition to the household, but holiday time may not be the ideal time to bring home your new addition. Wait until after the holiday and you will have more time and energy to care for your wonderful new member of the family.