Big Bear, Ca, November 23, 2010, 3:00pm – If you are traveling through or to Barstow in the near future, don’t drink the water.  The Golden State Water Company, Barstow’s water distributor,  issued a “do not consume” order to its customers in the Barstow area because levels of perchlorate in the water were detected in excess of the 6 parts per billion allowed by California Department of Public Health guidelines during testing last week. The county and the state do not know how much perchlorate residents have consumed. However, the county states that the perchlorate levels would most likely not have a health impact on even the most sensitive individual. Barstow area residents who have been advised not to consume tap water should not use tap water to drink, cook, mix beverages, brush teeth, or in any other way that would bring water into their bodies. This water can be used for bathing, laundry, and cleaning, including washing dishes.  The County of San Bernardino Department of Public Health and the California Department of Public Health will continue to monitor the situation in the Barstow area and share important information with the public.