San Bernardino Ca, February 29, 2012 8:00 am – Last Friday the San Bernardino County district attorney filed charges on Assemblyperson Tim Donnelly relating to a January 4th incident at the Ontario International airport where he carried a loaded gun, without proper permits, into a secure area of the airport.  He was not arrested at the time but was cited for two misdemeanors gun violations.  Donnelly’s attorney appeared in court last Friday and pleaded not guilty for his client.  This incident has been characterized as an innocent mistake by Donnelly himself and has stated that the San Bernardino District Attorney as well as the Ontario Airport Police acted professionally.  Assembly person Donnelly is running for reelection, in the newly redrawn 33rd State Assembly district his opponent is Mayor Bill Jahn of Big Bear Lake.  In a statement from the Jahn campaign Jahn supports gun ownership but emphasized that he certainly knows where his gun is and if it is loaded or not.  Donnelly will be back in court again on March 15th.