Big Bear City, CA, May 25, 2011, 3pm – The Big Bear City Community Services District has verified the voter registration status of the 16 applicants to fill the vacancies on the Board Of Directors  recently created when Rick Ollila and James Smith resigned earlier this month. The following 16 people are now considered qualified candidates for appointment: Patricia M. Miller, Carl Hayner, Christopher Jackson, John Day, David M. Strandberg, Denise Proffer, Thomas A. Love, Susan Chaidez, Roger J. Mannex, Al Ziegler, Karyn Oxandaboure, Bob Ybarra, Michelle Kirkoff, Bob Colven, Renee Dunlop, and Larry Walsh. Board Secretary Mary Reeves tells K-BEAR that the process will be talked about at the Special Meeting of the CSD Board of Directors tomorrow at 5:30pm.