Big Bear City, CA April 16, 2012 –  The Big Bear City Community Services District tonight is considering moving forward with several rate increases for water service, sewer service and solid waste collection.  During the March 29th board meeting it was reported that previous board policies had kept rate increases at bay resulting in dwindling reserves.  Simply put CSD revenues failed to keep up with their growing expenses.  This so called tipping point which began a couple of years ago resulted in an ever increasing dependence on cash reserves to keep the budget balanced.   In addition an ordinance to increase water and sewer connection fees are on the agenda as well.  In order to raise rates the district must follow the rules set in place by the passage of proposition 218.  In other words unless a protest vote of greater than 50% is lodged the rate changes will take effect.  So in a race to prepare a budget for the 2012-13 fiscal year with the increases included two separate ordinances must be introduced tonight.   A public hearing on these matters is slated for May 7th and June 18th of this year. What this means for water customers is that rates will jump from $240.24 to $345.95 per year.  Sewer charges will go from $119.29 to $162.23 and trash disposal will move from $116.58 to $160.88.   Tonight’s meeting will get under way at 5:30 pm at the Community Services District office located at 139 East Big Bear Blvd.  Additional information is available at the Big Bear City CSD web site.