Big Bear City, CA – May 2, 2011, 9:30 p.m. – Monday’s regular meeting of the Big Bear City Community Services District turned out to be anything but regular.  At the end of open session prior to entering closed session Director Rick Ollila announced his surprise resignation.  His words were then echoed by sounds of his disappointed followers attending the meeting. Then without further explanation Rick Ollila stepped down from the podium and stepped away from public life.  Ollila was elected in 2003 and served as president for many years until the 2010 election that then reshuffled the board with three new members Green, Smith and Terry.  Jeff Newsome now board president was the lone CSD incumbent reelected in 2010.  Jeff Newsome who presided over Mondays meeting from out of town via phone was as surprised by the resignation as well.  Later he told KBHR that after years of Ollilla, Day and McDonalds majority rule that he never considered taking his ball and going home. He went on to expressed disappointment in Director Ollilas resignation, but he is determined that the current remaining CSD board members will quickly reorganize without Ollila. Several options are available including board appointment, special election or wait for the next election.  Although Ollila made last minute swipes at CDS and BBARWA leadership as the reason for resigning many suspect that he may have had other personal reasons for his decision.  At this time Director Ollila as not available for comment.