coroner-thumbYesterday afternoon, January 19, just before 1:30pm, the California Highway Patrol was notified of a vehicle over the side of the road, on State Route 189, just a half mile east of North Bay Road in Lake Arrowhead. The circumstances surrounding the incident are unknown, though officers arrived on scene to find a red 2003 Ford pickup truck overturned down the mountainside, per a report issued this morning by the San Bernardino County Coroner’s Department. Paramedics responded to find the driver of the truck, 61-year-old Paul Rado of Crestline, deceased. The CHP will be investigating yesterday’s fatality.
As for an earlier incident (December 29) involving a Crestline resident, 53-year-old David Bokor, who was found deceased in his overturned Jeep, about 200 feet over the side of Highway 18, between Crestline and San Bernardino, the coroner’s office is still waiting on lab results, which may not be available for weeks, before determining the specifics of his death. Mr. Bokor is said to be survived by a sister and father.