sanbernardino-thumb1Each year, the County of San Bernardino investigates allegations of abuse and neglect of more than 50,000 children, and some of the funds used to provide child abuse prevention are generated by the sale of birth certificates. In the County Board of Supervisors meeting today, Supervisors will vote on whether or not to nearly double the $2.7 million spent on child abuse prevention, intervention and treatment. If approved, this one-year allocation of just under $5.5 million will amount to a local contract increase—from $220,000 to $420,000 for services provided by Lutheran Social Services. Today’s 10am County Supervisors meeting will also address whether or not to designate an additional $24,000 to the senior nutrition program overseen by the Big Bear Valley Recreation and Park District, bringing total County funding for this program to $71,000 for fiscal year 2009/2010.