County Supervisors Convene for Special Meeting to Ratify Proclamation of Fires-Prompted Local Emergency

sanbernardino-thumbThe Board of Supervisors for San Bernardino County had adjourned their regular Tuesday morning meeting, given the Labor Day holiday, but it turns out that they will be meeting anyway, with a special session called for 10:30am (September 8). Today’s meeting is being held in order to ratify the proclamation of a local emergency, effective September 1st, given last week’s Oak Glen Fire, the Pendleton Fire in Yucaipa, and the threat posed by the Los Angeles-area Station Fire, which now ranks as the 10th largest fire in California since 1932. Today’s meeting will also include a memorial adjournment in honor of Los Angeles County Fire Department Captain Tedmund Hall of Oak Hills in the high desert area of San Bernardino County; Captain Hall and Specialist Arnaldo Quinones of Palmdale lost their lives on August 30 while battling the Station Fire.

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