sanbernardino-thumbResidents of the southern portion of Erwin Lake will have improved snowplowing services this winter, though at a cost to landowners. San Bernardino County Supervisors this week approved a tax roll assessment for Erwin Lake properties, which was prompted by property owners’ request for increased road grading and snowplowing following the storms of last December. The County responded by issuing a mailed ballot to owners of each of 59 parcels in the southern section of Erwin Lake, to determine if a $540 charge per parcel would be welcomed in exchange for these services. Of the 30 properly returned ballots, 17 Erwin Lake landowners were in favor of the fee, which will be added to the tax roll. Though these Erwin Lake property owners will pay an additional $540 on this year’s tax roll for improved snowplowing operations, the charge for each additional year will be $160 per parcel after fiscal year 2009/2010.