San Bernardino, CA, August 10, 2010, 12:00pm – Attention small businesses!  An opportunity to work with motivated youth ages 18-24 is available to you through the Career Institute.  The program is funded by the County of San Bernardino’s Workforce Development Department, and is a business/youth partnership connecting motivated youth 18-24 years old with businesses to provide them training and skills.   All wages and worker’s comp is paid for through the County, which means no out of pocket expenses for the business.  A few job areas these youth can work are – cashiers, receptionists, boat rentals and dock workers, office assistants, computer data entry, public relations, landscaping and maintenance, basic construction and auto mechanics, restaurant servers, hostesses, kitchen food prep or even newspaper or radio station programming.  The program aims to provide motivation for these young people to further their education while gaining valuable work experience, put some money into the pockets of financially struggling young people, and assist businesses that may need additional help but can’t afford it.
This opportunity is only available until the end of September.  If interested, go to the link below to fill out the form. . A few local organizations/businesses that have already signed up are the City of Big Bear Lake, Stalcup Landscape Innovations, and the Copper Q.  For more information contact Cheryl Hunter at (909) 744-8083.