San Bernardino, CA, April 6, 2012, noon – Effective immediately, vendors can register online to do business with the County. Online access for businesses that want to provide products and services to the County of San Bernardino is making a giant leap forward with the County Purchasing Department’s launch of the new online electronic network system. It’s called ePro, a major technological advance that will increase the speed, efficiency, cost savings and reporting capabilities of the County’s acquisition processes. ePro‘s state-of-the-art system offers web-based vendor registration, bid notification, online solicitations, and electronic purchase orders.  The easy-to-use program also gives County vendors the ability to respond to bids online, adjust proposals prior to the closing date as often as needed, upload certifications and bid documentation, and attend bid openings remotely. Access is available through the County Purchasing website at
For more information call the County of San Bernardino Purchasing Department at (909) 387-2060.