San Bernardino County, Ca, November 9, 2010, 8:00pm – Supervisor Neil Derry has commissioned county staff to oversee the preparation of a study to help the County plan for future development in the Mountain Region.  The County will soon hire a consultant to prepare the Population Growth Monitoring and Road Capacity Study.  The study will be a step toward implementing some of the goals and policies of the County’s General Plan.  It will consider multiple factors such as: current population totals in the mountain region including full and part-time residents and visitors; carrying capacity for evacuation routes; and time needed to evacuate the current and future population during an emergency.  “Wildland fires continue to be a major consideration for land-use development and public safety,” Supervisor Derry stated. “This information will help the Board make more informed decisions regarding the impact of proposed development in our mountain communities.” The study is expected to take 12 months and will be funded through the Homeland Security Grant Program.