dambigbear-articleThis Monday, February 9 marks a milestone in the history of the Big Bear dam bridge, as Flatiron Construction, Inc. takes the first steps toward construction of the long-awaited new bridge for Highway 18. The 2½ year, $39 million project commences with lane closures and flagging next week, as the contractors hired by CalTrans begin installing concrete barriers and restriping the lanes for construction (weather permitting). For those traveling on Highway 18 over the Big Bear Dam next Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, lane closures and flagging will take place from 7am to 5pm. Per CalTrans, delays are expected to be 20 minutes or less. The new dam bridge will be just southwest of the dam, and will include three 12-foot travel lanes, 10-foot shoulders, an ADA-compliant sidewalk on the lake side of the bridge, and a traffic signal at the intersection of Highway 18 and Highway 38. As construction crews will be working along the roadway, please be mindful when traveling on or near the dam next week—and into 2011.