Initial law enforcement sources stated that a body that was found and removed from the burning cabin in Seven Oakes to be that of Christopher Dorner.  In a press conference this evening, by LAPD Media Commander, Andrew Smith, he denied that report.  He stated that the lead investigators are the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department and they will be the agency to report on this investigation.  He added that the cabin is still burning and is too hot to enter for discovery.  Cindy Bachman, Information Officer with the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department, has not released information at this time in regards to the Dorner case as of late.  As events have unfolded since this afternoon at 12:22pm with the report of a stolen vehicle which lead us to a burning cabin in Seven Oakes.  As details are emerging, it appears that a man believed to be Dorner might have stolen two vehicles in his attempt to escape Big Bear today.  Two female housekeepers were allegedly tied up and car jacked in Big Bear by Dorner near the entrance of Bear Mountain with possible reports of a second car jacking of a truck on Glass Road in Seven Oakes.  The suspect then fled on foot and barricaded himself in a cabin.  After an exchange of gunfire, two law enforcement officers were shot and airlifted to Loma Linda University Medical Center.  One of the two officers has died.  This brings Dorner’s alleged death toll up to four.  The second officer underwent surgery and is expected to survive.  The cabin where it is believed Dorner was holed up this afternoon caught fire perhaps when law enforcement tossed in a tear gas canister. The saga began in Big Bear last Thursday with discovery of ex-LAPD Christopher Dorner’s Nissan Titan truck set afire in the San Bernardino forest near Bear Mountain prompting a massive manhunt locally for Dorner.  Authorities believe that it now appears that Dorner had been holed up in Big Bear since last week until allegedly emerging today attempting to flee.