bbcsd-thumbThe Board of Directors of the Big Bear City Community Services District have unanimously agreed to move forward on the purchase of property, on the corner of Maltby and Paradise in Big Bear City, in anticipation of eventual water well replacement. At present, the CSD owns two wells on the property adjacent to this new site. According to the district’s Water Superintendent Tim Moran, the existing two wells (Well 1 and 1B) will need to be replaced, given their age—though, he says, “Fifty years is a pretty good life for an older well.” As for the soon-to-be-acquired half-acre parcel, which the district will purchase for $64,000, CSD’s General Manager Mike Mayer told the Board at the April 20 meeting, “The property is currently in escrow, and we’re ready to close.” CSD staff is also in negotiations to purchase an additional half-acre in the vicinity, especially given the benefits of buying property in the current market. As for Well 1 and Well 1B, each will need to be replaced independent of the other; though they are on the same parcel, the wells are of varying depth and flouride levels. Says Mayer, “We’re looking within the next five years to replace those.”