bbcsd-thumbCustomers of the Big Bear City Community Services District who have been delinquent in trash collection, sewer use and water service charges will now have these fees placed on their tax roll, per a decision made by the CSD Board of Directors this week. There was no opposition to this resolution during the Public Hearing, though a resident did question how this would affect property owners within the Whispering Pines Mobile Home Park who, until this year, had sewer fees collected through their homeowners’ association until the park owners asked that CSD bill residents individually. The CSD’s Utility Billing Specialist Donna Horn noted, during the July 20 meeting, that of the 200 CSD customers with delinquent sewer charges, 45 on that list are property owners at Whispering Pines, a mobile home park that is unique in that residents own their parcels. Though this issue with regard to the sewer charge was determined to be an internal issue within the mobile home park at CSD’s June 15 meeting (see our posting), CSD Directors did express their concern for these residents prior to this Monday’s vote. Per Director Jeff Newsome, “I would encourage those folks to come forward, so we can begin to help them out.” Payment agreements are available to CSD customers and, according to CSD’s General Manager Mike Mayer, “All of our customers are provided with that service, if they’re having problems making payments.” Still, CSD customers should note that if charges for trash collection, sewer use and water service are unpaid, these fees will be placed on the tax roll going forward.