Superintendent Dr. Nancy Wright

Big Bear Lake, CA — Given this week’s pink slip notifications to teachers, mandated state-wide, last night’s meeting of the Board of Trustees for Bear Valley Unified School District drew a number of community members—including students. As school budget cuts, including staffing issues, were not on the agenda for the March 17 meeting, the school board was unable to comment, though was receptive to those who spoke to current issues, including the March 15 notices that were issued to 36 of 134 BVUSD teachers. According to Superintendent Dr. Nancy Wright, “Students, staff and parents were advocating for programs, teachers, their principals, and what’s important to them in their schools, which is having choices for programs, and to be able to be on a path after graduation. They were very respectful, very passionate and very supportive.” The action items on the agenda for the school board meeting covered the general business of BVUSD, though the Trustees did continue the discussion on the feasibility of a parcel tax, an idea proposed by Trustee Ken Turney during a November 16 meeting when budget cut recommendations were adopted. Per Dr. Wright, “The Board requested that the administration follow-up with companies that have conducted parcel tax elections, and ask them specific questions as we determine what the next steps are for pursuing additional funds for the school district. Administration will also contact two companies, to request a proposal for their services with a detailed outline of what those services and costs would be.” BVUSD is pursuing options right now, and have not yet decided to implement a parcel tax; a decision will be made at a future meeting, once proposals and costs to implement are submitted. Should a parcel tax to assist in education funding be presented to the residents of Big Bear Valley, it would go on a future ballot, with the earliest possible being that of the Statewide General Election on November 2.