Big Bear, CA, March 14, 2012, 5:00pm – Tuesday evening was the first of two community meetings hosted by the Bear Valley Unified School District to inform and receive feedback from the public regarding an upcoming Parcel Tax.  Kurt Madden, Superintendent of BVUSD, addressed the audience of approximately 100 community members by initially asking them to write down what they believe to be their top three most important areas of education.  Responses included curriculum, safe home to school transportation, small class size and quality education for our children, among others.  In order to ensure that at least some of these items remain in place, the District will be placing a local Parcel Tax measure that will be a mail in ballot implemented early this summer.  Already $3.3 million dollars have been cut from the school budget over the past two years and cuts to education are expected to continue.  These additional cuts will further diminish the quality of education the District can provide for our students.  A Parcel Tax would provide locally controlled funding for our schools that could not be taken away by the State or be sent to another school district.  The dollar amount of the tax is still in question, however, District consultants are suggesting between $45 to $60 per parcel with exemptions available for senior citizens.  The second community meeting to receive information about the Parcel Tax will be held on Thursday, March 22nd at 6pm at Baldwin Lane Elementary School in Sugarloaf.  Additionally, BVUSD welcomes the public’s comments and feedback as they explore all options.  Contact Superintendent Kurt Madden at or call 866-4631 if you have questions or information to share.

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