Last Tuesday’s code enforcement sweep (July 28), conducted by the Big Bear Sheriff’s Station with assistance from California Highway Patrol and County Code Enforcement officers, resulted in the towing of 33 vehicles and boats in the East Big Bear City area. This is the fourth sweep of its kind in recent months, bringing the total to 154 for vehicles, boats and trailers towed due to expired registration tags and illegal parking, as well as other issues. To date, the Big Bear Sheriff’s Station has conducted these code sweeps in Sugarloaf, Erwin Lake, Lake Williams and Big Bear City; more sweeps will be done in an effort to clean up neighborhoods in the Big Bear Valley. Officials at the Sheriff’s station tell KBHR that, prior to the sweeps, advance notification will be given via local media and that those whose vehicles are in violation of County and vehicle codes do receive advance warning, as deputies canvas the targeted area prior to any sweep. Those with refuse and scrap in their yards, as well as vehicles out of compliance, are encouraged to take care of these issues, per the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department.