Angelus Oaks, CA, April 26, 2013 (12:38) – At approximately 9:35 a.m., a fuel tanker laden with gasoline and diesel fuel overturned on State Route 38 near Angelus Oaks.  According to the CHP, an “unknown amount of fuel” has spilled into the surrounding area, and State Route 38 is closed due to the Hazardous Material Incident.

Route 38 is closed from Valley of the Falls Road to Jenks Lake Road west (previously Lake Williams Road).  Motorists and visitors traveling to Big Bear and the National Forest need to use State Route 330, which is accessible from Interstate 210 in Highland, or use State Route 18 from either San Bernardino or Lucerne Valley.

The Barton Flats recreation area can only be accessed from Big Bear.  At this time, no forest roads, trails or recreations facilities have been closed as a result of the highway closure.

The “Cold Creek Incident” is being managed by the California Highway Patrol under unified command with Caltrans, San Bernardino County Fire Department, and the U.S. Forest Service. Here is a map showing the highway closure in purple, along with alternate routes to and from Big Bear. The tanker overturned at the area labeled “B”:  

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