Director Gloria Greene Admits to Comments

Big Bear City, CA, November 5, 2010, 8:00am – The Big Bear City Airport District held a regular meeting of the board of directors on Wednesday November 3rd.  During public comment time, Denise Proffer brought to the board’s attention an incident that happened on September 26th involving Director Gloria Greene.  Proffer was leaving an event with friends when she came upon Director Greene talking about the Airport board, and her fellow directors. ”  They claimed Mr. Director Chuck Knight, three times during this, should be fitted for a white sheet.”  Proffer later added “They said and I quote Mr. Steube is a cuthroat, Butch must of been on drugs that day, Julie just goes with the flow, Betsey the Attorney must have

Director Chuck Knight waits for Director Greene's response.

been in on it, because the boards to stupid to figure it out.”   Proffer stated that she was appalled,  and felt that she needed to bring this matter to the boards attention.  Later on in the meeting, during time set aside for Directors comments, Director Chuck Knight asked Director Greene to respond to Proffers public comment. ” I would like to hear from you, a response on the comments we are testifying to about Mr. Steube, Butch and Myself.”  Director Greene responded with the following. “The Thing about the sheet, yes I said that.”  Director Knight later responded with this. ” And do you think that’s a responsible  behavior by a director?”  Greene stated ” I dont have to explain my behavior, I said it.” Knights response was “I think you will.”  Later on in the meeting Director Knight responded to the white sheet comment with this, ” A white sheet is about as archaic as I have ever heard. ”  Fellow Director Julie Smith stated “I think we all have  a sense of responsibility to behave ourselves that is in a manor appropriate to our office,” during her directors comment time.  The next Airport Board meeting will be held on Wednesday December 8th at 2:30pm.  The public is encouraged to attend.