In anticipation of more winter weather this weekend (and in light of this morning’s 10-vehicle pileup due to fog and ice), the California Highway Patrol offers some driving tips—especially as, last year in California, 106 people were killed in collisions that occurred in either rainy, snowy or foggy conditions, and nearly 8,000 were injured in crashes in such weather. CHP officers suggest you make sure your windshield wipers are in good condition. Also, anytime windshield wipers are in continuous use, it is the law to also have your vehicle’s headlights on. In inclement weather, allow more time and reduce your speed, as the posted speed limit may not apply to wet or icy road conditions. It is also the law to carry chains for your vehicle when in the mountains during the winter season; if ticketed for not carrying chains, the fine is $108. When traveling, the CHP also recommends that you carry not only chains, but a flashlight, flares, small shovel, windshield scraper, warm clothing, blanket, snacks, drinking water and a cell phone.