Beginning Wednesday, April 15th, the City of Big Bear Lake is offering free roadside tree limb and brush trimming disposal to assist those property owners within City limits in creating defensible space around their homes.  Fire Fuels Program Coordinator David Yegge says, “Just place branches and limbs at the curb, telephone the free Chipper Hotline at 909-752-2805   and Public Works chipper crews will pick up and chip the material for disposal.  We are available whenever and how often you need us.  It’s all about creating defensible space in the front, rear and side yards.”  Generally, creating defensible space includes removing the lower limbs and branches of trees up to 6 feet from the ground, thinning trees, and pruning up and trimming back overgrown vegetation.  Big Bear Lake residents are reminded not to place root balls, construction materials, or large diameter limbs or trunks larger than 8″ at the curb as they will not be accepted.  If you have curbside trash service, Big Bear Disposal will pickup 5 bags of weeds, pine needles, leaves, and/or pine cones per week or the bags may be taken to the Clean Bear site located at 41974 Garstin Road.
If you do not have curbside service for trash pickup or the means to dispose of bagged yard waste, contact Big Bear Disposal at 866-3942 to arrange for pick up.  For more information or for a list of businesses that conduct fuel reduction, log onto