Big Bear, Ca March 11, 2011 12:00 pm – Today’s earthquake in Japan reminds us to be ready.  California, like Japan is part of the Pacific Rim of Fire, an area of increased earthquake activity circling the Pacific Ocean.  Residents and business owners in the Big Bear Valley must be prepared for large earthquakes.  Regularly review your earthquake readiness.  Check for hazards in and around your building.  Secure large and heavy objects.  Keep glasses, glass jars and dishes in latched cabinets.  Brace overhead fixtures and hang mirrors away from beds or seating areas.  Before a large quake occurs, know where is most safe to stand both indoors and out.  Have your emergency communication plan in place and disaster supplies ready.  The Big Bear City Fire Department has additional information and tips on their website at  They are inviting all residents to brush up on their preparedness skills by checking the website and making their homes and businesses more earthquake safe.

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