Big Bear, Ca, December 26, 2011, 3:00pm – KBHR and the California Highway Patrol are reminding motorists to drive responsibly, and to designate a sober driver when celebrating this holiday season.  The next two weeks will be filled with celebration, holiday gatherings, and festive parties, and motorists should ensure the saftey of themselves and others, and celebrate responsibly.  When motorists foolishly decide to drive under the influence, crashes become inevitable with property damage, injury and death becoming all too common during the holiday season.  The danger posed by DUI drivers is intensified in our mountain communities during the holiday season, when road conditions are already a challenge for even the most experienced drivers due to rain, mud, ice and snow.  Remember to designate a sober driver, utilize a taxi service, or call a friend to pick you up, if you had too much to drink.