Last month, Caltrans made the decision to close Highway 330 so a variety of maintenance crews could give the route a makeover.  This maximum maintenance effort allowed Caltrans to get multiple repairs done in just one day which was on August 6th.  Most importantly, this reduced the need to have consecutive daily closures and less inconvenience to motorists.  During that closure, Caltrans maintenance crews completed projects such as crack seal on weathered pavement, replaced or repaired damaged or missing signs, cleaned drainage systems, replaced or repaired damaged guardrails and graded and cleaned the slopes.  Work Release Program workers were brought in to abate litter and weeds at the bottom of the highway just above Highland Avenue.  According to Terri Kasinga, Public Information Officer for Caltrans regarding the program, “It’s a new thing with Caltrans to close down roads to do a lot of work at once.  Workers need at least one lane closed to do the work so rather than inconvenience the public with 3 to 4 weeks of flagging, full closures allow us to complete a large amount of work that can be done in a small amount of time of a day or two with full closures”.  For the time being, Caltrans has completed work on the roadways that affect the Big Bear Valley.