Inland Empire, CA, April 13, 2012, 3:00pm – In recognition of Earth Day, which is April 22nd, Caltrans is highlighting the “Don’t Trash California” campaign and asking for the public’s help to keep California highways clean and beautiful.  Caltrans District 8, that includes our mountain top community, encompasses over 7,200 lane miles throughout Riverside and San Bernardino counties.  The Department utilizes many ways to fight litter on state highways including the Adopt-a-Highway and Probation Programs, one day clean ups by local agencies under permit, and Caltrans maintenance crews.  For fiscal year 2011/2012, District 8 has so far spent $1.27 million on litter removal.  And, Caltrans admits, those funds could have been spent on more important needs such as new pavement, pothole repairs, and roadside improvements.  To help, on Tuesday, April 17th, all District 8 maintenance crews, some Adopt-a-Highway members, and management staff will abate litter from 9:00 to 11:00 am on local state highways throughout Riverside and San Bernardino counties.  Additionally, Caltrans is requesting more California residents participate in the Adopt-A-Highway Program.  You can make a difference by maintaining up to two-mile sections of roadside within California’s State Highway System.  In return, you get a freeway sign recognizing your contribution and the supplies to clean the highways at no cost.  In addition to helping to beautifying our roadways, participants also help to prevent potential pollutants from entering our waterways.  Caltrans District 8 Acting District Director, Syed Raza states; “The Department recognizes and thanks the efforts of the adopters in our Adopt-a-Highway Program.  Currently there are an estimated 305 adoptions covering approximately 600 miles of state highway in Riverside and San Bernardino counties.”  For more information on how to join the Adopt-a-Highway program go to