Big Bear, Ca, December 21, 2011, 12:00pm – At last week’s Bear Valley Unified School District’s Budget Advisory Committee meeting, Walter Con, Assistant Superintendent of Business, delivered the first Interim Financial Report Budget Update to the committee that consists of teachers, parents and school administration representatives.  As expected, the California Department of Finance has released its financial forecast stating that revenues will fall short $2.2 billion for the current year.  Therefore, additional cuts will need to be made to the BVUSD’s budget at a total estimated cut to be approximately $456,000 which includes a $13.00 cut to the ADA or average daily attendance.  It had previously been estimated that the cuts would have been in the realm of approximately $1.1 million dollars so although the budget cuts, for now, are expected to be less than half that amount, it is also predicted that these mid-year cuts are only the beginning.  The Department of Finance states that more cuts for 2012/2013 will be forthcoming when California Governor, Jerry Brown, releases his proposed budget for next year on January 10th.  Foreseeing this forecast, recommendations have already been made to the Bear Valley Unified School District Board of Trustees for possible budget reduction items.  Walter Con stated that, in his opinion, salary roll backs, furlough days or a combination of both, will need to be implemented for the school district to meet their budget limits, however, these steps would need to be negotiated with the district’s respective unions.  Teacher, Debbie Burton, stated at the meeting that the public needs to know that, as a community, when we don’t vote for school taxes, it really hurts our kids.  Ms. Burton added, “We’re down to bear bones”.  The next meeting of the Budget Advisory Committee will be on January 26th and are open to the public.