Big Bear, CA, February 27, 2012, 7:00am – Last Friday evening’s Special Board Workshop meeting of the Bear Valley Unified School District’s Board of Trustees continued discussion of the state’s budget crisis that has trickled down to our community and could greatly effect our children’s education.  How big of an impact that will be on the BVUSD budget is a moving target.  Walter Con, Director of Business Services, indicated in a 2nd interim discussion presentation, total budget cuts could potentially equate to almost $1.8 million dollars including the elimination of the cost of living adjustment funding as well as home to school transportation.  However, the Governor’s proposed state budget recommendations keep changing and one of the unknowns is what the outcome will be for the Governor’s proposed $7 billion dollar tax-initiative, Prop 98, that will be presented to voters on the November ballot.  Regardless, budget cuts have to be assumed with the possibility to restore reductions if possible.  Significant budget assumptions made include recommendations from the Budget Advisory Committee and Superintendent as well as employee concessions and reductions in force.  According to Con, the short-term goal is for a positive certification at the 2nd interim with the ultimate goal of eliminating deficient spending.  The 2nd interim report will be released on March 12th.  The District is currently spending about $1 million a year over budget and, thus, using reserve dollars that ultimately, in the three year outlook, has put our District in a qualified certification position.  Absent any action in the budget, according to Con, will bankrupt the District in the third year.  In his opinion, Mr. Con stated, “we need to look at permanent salary rollbacks for all employees”.  The final item discussed at Friday’s meeting was the budget reduction recommendations of the Budget Advisory Committee and Superintendent Kurt Madden.  The Budget Advisory Committee, or BAC, is suggesting reducing transportation funding by $100,000 with the assumption that transportation funding is not eliminated in the 2012-2013 school year.  Additional BAC budget reduction suggestions include $35k for all three part-time library clerks at the three elementary schools and a $60k utility reduce reduction created by closing all sites during the month of July beginning in 2013 and to adjust the school calendar to close all sites in the months of July and August beginning in 2014.  Additional suggestions made by Mr. Madden include an $8,000 cut to the Student Attendance/Safety Officer position by means of a reduced work calendar or some equivalent action, a $115k reduction in district services to include the elimination of one vacant position and reduction in days for three positions, a $10k reduction to the deferred maintenance budget, a $10k cut to the maintenance and operations budget and, lastly, a $5k reduction in fields maintenance for a total of $343,000.  The board will meet on Tuesday, February 28th at 5:30pm at the District Offices on Moonridge Road to vote on these recommendations in a Special Board Workshop meeting.