Big Bear Lake, CA  March 2 2014 – The tour boat with it’s famous movie history “Time Bandit” or simply known as “The Pirate Ship” fell victim to recent hard rains and heavy wet snow.  The Time Bandit is now sitting on the bottom at it’s home port Holloway’s Marina.  According to owner Loren Hafen, he believes that the storm was just too much for the on-board automatic pumps which eventually over-topped the ship.  He also  tells KBHR that because of it’s incredibly strong hull, she will be re-floated and will sail again.  As he put it, “Big Bear will not be the same without the Pirate”.  Officials from the Lake Department, Auxiliary Coast Guard and Fish and Game have been on scene.  Divers will assure the ship can be re-floated and that the re-float will be done quickly with safety in mind.  “If she had  to sink, cold fresh water would be my choice”, said Loren.