Big Bear, Ca, August 22, 2011, 1:00pm – On Saturday, August 20th the US Forest Service held a public meeting at the intersection of fire roads 2n10 and 2n06 to discuss the Skyline trail.  Skyline is a trail that has been proposed by the Big Bear Valley Trails Foundation that would go along the south ridge of the Big Bear Valley, allowing for an alternative to fire road 2n10 for hikers and bikers.  The public meeting was an opportunity for members of the public to address the forest service on the trail, and many people came forward stating how they feel unsafe riding on fire road 2n10 as many motorized vehicles drive the road.  Jack Bailey, owner of the bike shop Chains Required spoke up about how he rents many bikes to people who go up the chair lift and ride down 2n10, and that 4 bikes in the last year have come back un rideable because of an incident with cars, and that one person even had to go to the hospital because of an incident with a vehicle.  Other avid cyclists spoke up about the value of a single track trail that would span the ridgeline and how it would attract visitors from all over the US.  Forest Service Officials spoke about how they would incorporate some existing trails into the Skyline trail, and how they would want to create the trail without many technical features, as doing so would cause the beginner rider to want to instead ride on 2n10.  They further stated that the idea behind the trail is to get people off of the fire road, and to make a more enjoyable and safe riding and hiking experience for outdoor enthusiasts. If you would like to send your feedback to the Forest Service regarding the possible Skyline trail email your input to with Skyline Recreation Trail in the subject line.