Given the roughly 18 inches of snow we have received since yesterday, all roads to, from and within the Big Bear Valley remain under an R2 chain requirement, meaning that you must have chains on the drive wheels of your vehicle, unless in a four-wheel drive with snow tires on all four wheels and carrying chains. At this time, Highway 18, west of the Big Bear Dam to Snow Valley, remains closed due to avalanches yesterday. Once CalTrans crews have safely cleared the roadway of snow, it will be re-opened to motorists. In the meantime, Highway 18 to the desert communities and Highway 38 through Angelus Oaks remain open to those leaving or approaching the mountain. Snow conditions do remain in effect for the City of Big Bear Lake, so no parking on city streets today to allow for snow removal operations. Update on Highway 18: CalTrans is working on snow removal resulting from yesterday’s avalanches on the Arctic Circle portion of Highway 18. There are two snowplows clearing the roadway today, and plans to have three snowblowers continue the project tonight. Highway 18 will not be re-opened today, and CalTrans will reassess the road closure on Wednesday morning.

Additional Information on Big Bear Roads