mwdBoat docks on Big Bear Lake can now reach a total length of 32 feet, per a resolution amendment passed by the Board of Directors of the Big Bear Municipal Water District this week. Up until now, dock specifications required a maximum of 30 feet, including the headway, but, prompted by a specific request, on July 20 the MWD Board moved to extend the dock limit to 32 feet for both commercial marina and private docks. As for the resolution to potentially do away with headwalks–given new requirements by the California Department of Fish and Game, as well as new CEQA requirements, that make for additional obligations for the MWD—General Manager Scott Heule tells KBHR that the Board moved to return to the Operations Committee of Skip Suhay and Todd Murphy for additional study. This item regarding headwalks will likely be on the MWD agenda on August 6.